The American Thoracic Society (ATS), led by its Environmental Health Policy Committee, has reviewed the most current air quality scientific evidence and has revised their recommendations to 8 µg/m3 and 25 µg/m3 for long- and short-term fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and reaffirmed the recommendation of 60 ppb for ozone to protect the American public from the known adverse health effects of air pollution.

Meeting these revised ATS recommendations throughout the country would prevent an estimated:

  • 14,650 (95% CI: 8,660 - 22,610) deaths;
  • 2,950 (95% CI: 1,530 - 4,330) lung cancer incidence events;
  • 33,100 (95% CI: 7,300 - 71,000) morbidities; and,
  • 39.8 million (95% CI: 14.6 - 63.3 million) impacted days annually.

These health benefits exceed what would be expected by only meeting current EPA standards by more than 11,850 deaths; 2,580 incidences of lung cancer; 25,400 morbidities; and 27.2 million impacted days.

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