In “Trends in Excess Morbidity and Mortality Associated with Air Pollution above ATS-Recommended Standards, 2008 to 2017,” researchers estimate the health impacts of fine particle pollution and ozone for every U.S. city. The report is part of the annual Health of the Air series produced by the ATS and the Marron Institute at NYU.

The ATS-recommended levels for these two pollutants are more protective than those set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The ATS-recommended levels for PM2.5 are 11 micrograms per cubic meter for annual concentrations and 25 micrograms per cubic meter for short-term concentrations. The ATS recommended level for O3 is 60 parts per billion.

Mortality impacts of air pollution above ATS-recommended levels fell by nearly half in the last decade. In 2017, the most recent year that pollution data is available, the number of excess deaths from air pollution were:

  • 7,140 excess deaths from both pollutants combined, down from 12,600 excess deaths in 2010;
  • 3,260 excess deaths from PM2.5, down from 8,330 excess deaths in 2010;
  • 3,880 excess deaths from O3, down from 4,270 excess deaths in 2010.

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